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FSB Antivirus 0.8 bêta version is available through the download page of the site.

FSB Antivirus is a new technology made to fight against new threats, as well as covering all the old familiar ones. Its effectiveness is a fact. Today, its speed is unmatched. It only requires few system resources. It concentrates its firepower against all current threats. And, with an ultra optimized scan engine, it is both effective and very fast.

FSB Antivirus The FSB Antivirus detects new threats that are not covered by many other viruses. In addition to testing procedures, known as classical, the FSB Antivirus includes almost everything of better technology for viral analysis.

FSB Security Labs is a set of projects as tedious as the initial project, and it is concerned with computer security, as well as the protection and viral solution, the pro-active protections of many systems

The ideology of FSB Security Labs is globalizing all of these projects to provide a complete security systems and networks, because these projects are a complete range of products, ensuring optimum safety of your parks computer(parcs informatique). Our laboratories will analyze all apparent threats every day, on the worldwide web and will always find solutions to identify and eradicate them. With the update module, your Antivirus FSB would be daily effective; it would allow you to benefit from the experience of our analysts in real time.

In short, the FSB Antivirus is an ideal tool of preventive protection and effective solution against cyber risks.

FSB Security Response Utilities

Ransomware disinfection tool, distributed free by the FSB Security Labs, available now in download page…

FSB Antivirus - Threats Removal Tool

A removal tool distributed free by FSB Security Labs to properly clean a few specific threats.

Process Analyzer
We offer our free Process Analyzer, downloadable from this page