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FSB Security Labs

Mr. Bouvet Bruno (France) Founder & Junior Antivirus Researcher - Virus Analyst

Mr. Bouvet is a Linux and networks specialist: he has developed over time a knowledge of technical problems faced by businesses and individuals in the management of incidents related to viruses, worms and other threats on Windows and Linux. Bruno Bouvet helps overall development of all that is cross-platform support of FSB Antivirus (OS Managers, Managers IO, IPC Managers, etc.). He is the responsible of FSB Security Labs and manages the research of the laboratories


Mr. Ben Hedibi Hassène (Tunisie)Founder & Senior Antivirus Researcher

Mr. Hassene has a solid experience in developing antivirus technologies and in reverse-engineering field. He is responsible of FSB Security Labs and the main architect of the Kernel of FSB Antivirus.